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 The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done
What is Goal Boss?
  • It is NOT a Self-Improvement Book  - But if you read the book and follow the principles, you will definitely grow personally and professionally.
  • It is NOT a Get Rich Quick Book - But our clients who use the Goal Boss Leadership System are earning millions.
  • It is NOT a Time Management Book - Yet if you use the tools, strategies and techniques in the book, you will stop wasting days, weeks, and even months every year!
  • Goal Boss IS - a step-by-step guide and leadership system (complete with web and mobile apps!) to grow your business and develop your leadership skills.
  • Goal Boss IS the most effective way to avoid the Big Three Career Killers! If you don't know what the Big Three Career Killers are and how to avoid them, you're probably finished before you start!
  • Goal Boss IS the fastest way to Own communication, delegation, & time management Like a Boss. 
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You Just Found the Most Effective Leadership Book to Drive Success in Your Business and Your Life!
This book has 222 Pages of proven Tools, Strategies and Techniques to help you succeed in business without the mistakes, hassle, and setbacks that most people make!

Best of all, It's Yours... FREE!
Finally! A practical, how-to guide for successful business leadership.
These learnings are rooted in management and leadership science, and baked into the Goal Boss Leadership System, your step-by-step guide to taking action and driving results in any size business. 

Goal Boss is for hard-working, determined entrepreneurs who want to stop wasting time, start growing their business, and stay the course. Every strategy and tactic in this book is supported by the Goal Boss community, Goal Boss Apps, Goal Boss Certified Coaching, workshops, webinars and online training. Goal Boss doesn’t just describe what success looks like. This book tells you - step by step - exactly how to get there.
Read This Book to Quickly Learn About
• The 5 Keys to Leadership 
• The 4 Steps to Solve Any Problem 
• The 3 Big Career Killers 
• The 2 Ingredients for Successful Meetings, and 
• The 1 Question effective leaders always ask first!
meet the man behind the book
Will Pemble
Author and Internet pioneer Will Pemble built and sold Web.com, one of the largest web hosts on earth. A serial entrepreneur, Will has been building and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than 25 years. In addition to Web.com, Will built and sold a national technical certification company, and one of the first Internet Service Providers in San Francisco. 

Will's dynamic style, broad experience, and genuine enthusiasm for business and leadership bring out the very best in the leaders and teams he serves. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Will's feedback scores consistently rank in the 94th percentile, setting him apart from industry colleagues and peers alike. 

Will coaches his clients on leadership, team dynamics, strategic planning, scaling up, web strategy, product management, marketing, software development, and business operations.
Don't take our word for it. Raving Fans of Goal Boss say they think this book is a game changer! 
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Practical Leadership for Busy People!
Review By Vivek Chawla
After reading Goal Boss, I'm not going to waste time in meetings anymore. Not my time and not the time of my staff or peers. The coaching and leadership strategies that Will Pemble shares in this book are going to help me keep that promise.

Goal Boss focuses on practical leadership advice, giving me tools and strategies I can use to get better results now as opposed to endless theories about general "Getting Things Done" concepts. I bought the book because I already believe in GTD, so I appreciate the fact that Mr. Pemble gets right to the meat of things. This should be required reading for any team that aspires to be high-functioning, goal-driven, and successful.
Great Tool for Leadership Development
Review By Steve Wiideman
This book overall improved my leadership style. I never realized how often I changed the goals of my team whenever someone had a new idea. This book lays it out, step by step, on how to lead a team, run meeting and make people accountable without confrontation.
The Leadership Development Bar Has Been Set!
Review By Anthony Presley
Well written, and a fast read (go back and make notes!) This is one of the best books on leadership development and management that I've ever read. Unlike many books in this category, Goal Boss delves deeply into the "how", not just the "why". Specifically, "how" to build your team, "how" to provide constant feedback to your team, "how" to have meetings while respecting everyone's time, and "how" to turn your team into a fast moving and high performing organization. Grab this book and you're ready to rock.
Great Book for Increasing Success!
Review By Diane Waltemath
Great book and well worth the read. Strong outlay of the strategic model to be applied for success. Easily adaptable! If you're needing to increase collaboration and drive performance, check it out.
Read This Book!
Review By Evelyn P Cammack
The Goal Boss system of team development and the specific details of how to put it in place are my roadmap. I have the book on my desk and take it home at night. I am delegating, letting my people have real responsibilities, and asking for feedback every day. It has been an amazing transformation already and I am in the early stages.
I Felt Like A Friend Was Talking To Me
Review By NIcholas Laschkewitsch
A leadership cheerleader who makes sense
I felt like a friend was talking to me as I read Pemble’s book. The methods for improving leadership style to produce success are presented in a positive clearly defined way.
I’ve never seen different aspects of team organization so well described with specific instructions to initiate and maintain good business practice. This book is an absolute must.
Great Insight for Organization Development
Review By Jeremy Kinsel
This book is my new primer to be an effective team leader. I enjoyed Pemble’s fascinating insight. As a leader, this has helped me better guide my team and using the Goal Boss app keeps them on track. Thanks for putting this one out into the world!

Goal Boss transformed our leadership team. The combination of strategic planning, leadership training and executive coaching, all managed through the Goal Boss Platform, is unlike any I've used before. In a very short time, we saw increased employee engagement, measurably improved teamwork and collaboration, and a 10X+ return on investment. Our Goal Boss Certified Coach inspired us to dig deep, work together, solve problems and drive results. We would not have grown this fast without Goal Boss.

Michael M, CFO

Our monthly Goal Boss Meeting day is the most productive day of the month. Keeps me focused and teaches me many valuable lessons every time.  

Dominic L

If business is a sport, then Will Pemble is the Bill Belichick of business ! His Goal Boss toolkit transforms underperforming groups into goal orientated, process driven and highly productive teams. As an executive coach, he helps build frameworks for business leaders to succeed, regardless of the industry, and identifies the metrics that really matter for a company to win. His business acumen is sharp, his coaching methods current, and his attitude transparent. Managing up or down, this is a must for leaders looking to transform attitudes, culture or beat the competition. With Goal Boss comes real change that you can see within your team and your bottom line. You'll never want to be a part of an organization again that does not operate with the same standards and level of discipline that Will inspires through his business coaching and leadership. Will gets results.

Manhattan P, Chief Marketing Officer

The book and the online workshop were a great experience. Will Pemble is very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable about the content and the training.

Amanda C

Will is a great writer and trainer. His book always encourages me to grow and helps the team to stay focused. His audio was fun and inspiring. The workshop showed me how to think like a leader.

Jennifer C

Will did an excellent job in training us to understand the four stages of team development. His use of the film Miracle was just short of brilliant. He kept my attention during the entire program and in this day in age of technology, that is hard to do. I would recommend Will and his team for any leadership or management training that your company may have.

Thanks again Will!

Jeremy W

I finally made the time in a brutal schedule to attend Will's Goal Boss Workshop. Crikey! Should have done this years ago. This short workshop gives you and your company the tools to be much more effective. In fact, we're implementing the monthly Goal Boss Meetings, and excited to have Will himself facilitate them!
Thanks again Will!

Rick W, President

Working with Will at Goal Boss has been an outstanding experience. Will’s multi-million-dollar business expertise, dynamic personality, excellent communication skills, and dedication to the success of his clients is the foundation for his outstanding business. He skillfully packaged his expertise in such a way as to create a blueprint for success for others to adopt and excel at. Will thoroughly understands the executive coaching and consulting market and how to deliver outstanding results efficiently and cost effectively. Whether you are an executive coach or a business owner looking to take your business to the next level, Will and Goal Boss have the tools, techniques, and expertise to take you there. I’ve been very impressed with Will and the services he offers, and you can’t go wrong working with Will and his team.

Shannon C, COO
Tools Of Successful Leaders •
What's Inside The Book •
Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE!
The Goal Boss Process Sets You Up To Win!
  • Key Metrics - Identify and measure the things that matter most with Key Metrics. You'll learn a simple, two-step method to determine exactly what your Key Metrics are and why they matter. (pg. 4, 33, 45)
  • Goals - You're ten times more likely to achieve your goals if you use our goal setting system. You'll become an expert at goal setting when you apply our three goal tests! (pg. 34, 67, 73)   
  • Team Problem Solving - What if you could solve any problem in just ten minutes. Goal Boss shows you how. No more struggling with the same issues over and over. No more barriers to success! (pg. 77, 175)
Success Is Not About Luck. It's A Skill You Can Learn!
  • Great Leaders aren't born. Great leaders are made. They work hard, they focus on the goal, and they never, ever give up.
  • Goal Boss: The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done will teach you what it means to be a leader. 
  • You will learn how to get bigger, better results from yourself and your teams than ever before. 
Page 9. Learn how to make sure everything you do is important and impactful. All it takes is one simple question.
Page 37. Our clients pay thousands per day to learn the principles discussed starting in chapter five.
Page 64. Most people don't even know what's holding them back. You can find out and stop your invisible worst enemy.
Page 77. Learn to solve problems like a rocket scientist. High performing teams don't bother with the same issue twice.
Page 95. Improve your communication skills and impact by as much as 75%. Most people never learn this critical skill.
Page 134. Time is the only thing you can't get more of. The skill of time management is required if you want to be a success.
Page 144. Learn the simple, practical, but little known strategy for identifying and hiring the right person for the right job.
Page 179. Success leaves clues. Learn the behaviors, tactics and patterns of winning businesspeople and inspiring leaders.
Page 15. No more painful, time-wasting meetings. Only focused teammates working on what that matters most.
Page 53. You can reduce employee turnover drastically when you learn the secrets shared on behavioral style.
Page 72. When you set a goal, how sure are you that you can achieve it? How sure should you be? .
Page 85. There are only five things you should be doing at work as a leader. Are you doing more than that? Or less?
Page 115. What's the plan? What is your plan? Learn to build a One Page Plan for your entire business for the entire year!
Page 139. Is your most valuable employee slowly destroying your business? Effective leaders must spot trouble and solve it.
Page 149. Delegate or perish! Learn the thirteen steps to expertly getting stuff done without doing everything yourself.
Page 187. Knowing how to coach your employees is a must-have skill for effective leaders and successful people.
Time is the Only Thing You Can't Get More Of!
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Some companies out there offer you a freebie, then they start charging your card every month. That's not me. I work closely with my clients and we treat them like family. That's how we'll treat you, too.
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1. It's a my way to say thank you for being part of the Goal Boss community. Your support has made my life come true. I will never take that for granted!

2. Unlike most professional speakers and "guru's," selling books is not my primary source of income. My life's work is executive coaching, consulting, and the Goal Boss Platform and apps. So, it doesn't hurt me to share my best work with you.

3. You get to see what Goal Boss is about for yourself. Who knows! You could be our next huge client :-)

4. I'm incredibly proud of this book! Goal Boss clients get amazing returns on their coaching investments. We have the data to prove that when we facilitate a half day Goal Boss Meeting for a client, they derive at least $25,780 in immediate ROI. In other words, when a Goal Boss Certified Coach visits a client for a morning meeting, that client is $25k ahead of the game by lunchtime. Every tool, strategy and technique we teach our clients is in this book.  
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The Goal Boss Guarantee
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